How much copper water should you drink a day

One question that is mostly ask. can we drink copper water whole day? after all How much copper water should you drink a day.

See, the question is correct. Because suggestion of using copper vessels to store the water is new for this generation.

However, our ancestors had been using copper as water storage vessels since ages.

Nevertheless, we will try to solve your doubt

Lets have a thorough discussion

How much copper water should you drink a day

1st argument

See, in older time, there was no steel and plastic vessels. Only copper was used to store the water for the whole day.

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So, it is quite clear they used to drink water from copper vessels for whole day and did not encountered any health issue.

sighting this evidence, there is no harm drinking copper water for whole day.

There is proven evidence copper vessels does not leach excess amount of copper into the water at all. However water take from copper bottle has positive effect on human health.

Hence, don’t worry, use copper water bottle and other copper water storage vessels and take a first step to maintain your health.

If you want to more curious, we have written a thorough article on the benefits of using copper water bottle daily

15 Benefits of using copper water bottle

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