Best Water purifier without electricity April 2022

Confused, Which is the best water purifier without electricity in India April 2022. Such water purifiers exist and are also known as Non-electric or gravity-based water purifiers.

See, such water purifiers work well when the TDS level of your water supply is low (below 250)

These are Non-Ro and Non-UV ones, As both RO and UV technology require an electricity supply.

So, first, check the TDS level of your water. Generally, Gravity based water purifiers are good for Municipal corporation water as the TDS level of such water is within the limit.

Note:- If you are looking for a Non-Electric water purifier for tubewell, borewell, well and tanker water, Sorry Gravity based water purifiers are efficient to purifier it.

For that, you can explore out below post

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Does a water purifier work without electricity

Yes, a water purifier works without electricity. But such water purifiers used sediment filters, carbon filters, and Microfilter technology.

These are Non-RO and Non-UV water purifiers and are not suitable for Hard water with a TDS level of more than 350.

Is non-electric water purifier safe?

Yes, a Non-electric water purifier is safe, but only for water with TDS levels below 250.

Which Non-Electric water purifier is best in India

Following are the best Non-electric gravity-based water purifier you can purchase.

Kent Gold Non-electric Water purifier

Model NumberKent Gold
Capacity20 Litre Water tank
InstallationTable Top and Wall mount
Purification MethodSediment Filter + Carbon Filter + Ultra Filteration
Warranty1 Year

2. Eureka Forbes Non Electric Water purifer

3. Tata Swach Non Electric Steal water purifier

4. Prestige Tattva water purifier without electricity

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