[%] Best AO Smith UV + UF Water Purifier [May 2024]

Confused, which is the best AO Smith UV + UF water purifier for Home in India in May 2024?

Don’t worry we have curated a list of Top selling AO Smith UV water purifiers for Home

Why do we need a UV + UF water purifier

UV + UF water purifier is meant for water with TDS below 350.

Generally, UV + UF water filters are only meant for city Municipal (corporation) water.

The water supplied by the city municipal corporation is already purified in the water treatment plant.

All harmful chemicals and excessive minerals are removed.

But when water travels through the water pipeline. The dust particles, pathogens, and human excreta are mixed into it.

All such impurities can easily be removed by UV + UF technology.

Note:- Generally RO is not required for Municipal water if TDS is below 350 PPM. RO is only meant for Hard water with TDS above 350 PPM. If it tastes salty.

TOP Selling AO smith UV + UF Water purifier for Home

Following is the list

Note:- AO Smith UV + UF or AO Smith UV water purifiers are the same. UV + UF water purifiers are simply called UV water purifiers too.

AO Smith X2 UV + UF Water purifier

which is the best AO smith UV + UF Water purifier for Home

Smith Non-RO model is compact and stylish. It comes with 5 stage purification process.

It comes with all Non-Ro purification processes such as

  1. Sediment filter
  2. Fine Sediment Filter
  3. Ultra Filtration
  4. Carbon Block
  5. UF filter

It comes with a digital display, UV life Alert and with filter change alert.

Model NameSmith X2
TechnologyUV + UF + Active Carbon + UV
Capacity5 Litre
Warranty1 Year


  • Sleek and Compact beautiful design
  • UV + UF 5 Stage purification process
  • Virgin Food grade ABS Material Tank
  • Advance Digital Display
  • Easy to use and install


  • Only suitable for Municipal water up to 200 ppm

AO Smith Z1 Hot+ Normal UV + UF Water Purifier

which is the best AO smith UV + UF Water purifier for Home
BrandAO Smith
Model NameZ1 Hot+
TechnologyUV + UF + Active Carbon + UV
Capacity10 Litre
Warranty1 Year


  • 5 Stage Purification with UV Technology
  • Advance UV Lamp
  • Hot Water at a press of a button
  • Digital Display
  • Night Assist
  • UV Life Alert
  • Advanced UV Purification
  • UV Purified Hot Water
  • UV Life Alert indicator


  • Not Suitable for Hard Water

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