Best AO Smith UV + UF Water Purifier July 2022

Confused which is the best AO Smith UV + UF water purifier for Home in India in July 2022.

Don’t worry we have curated a list of Top selling AO Smith UV water purifiers for Home

TOP Selling AO smith UV Water purifier for Home

Following is the list

Note:- AO Smith UV + UF or AO Smith UV water purifiers are the same. UV + UF water purifiers are simply called UV water purifiers too.

AO Smith X2 UV + UF Water purifier

Smith Non-RO model is compact and stylish. It comes with 5 stage purification process.

It comes with all Non-Ro purification processes such as

  1. Sediment filter
  2. Fine Sediment Filter
  3. Ultra Filteration
  4. Carbon Block
  5. UF filter

It comes with a digital display, UV life Alert and with filter change alert.

Model NameSmith X2
TechnologyUV + UF + Active Carbon + UV
Capacity5 Litre
Warranty1 Year



  • Only suitable for Municipal water up to 200 ppm

AO Smith Z1 Hot+ Normal UV + UF Water Purifier

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