[@] 3 Best Hard water softener for taps – Bathroom and Kitchen [June 2024]

Confused, which is the best and cheap Hard water softener for tap of bathroom and kitchen at home in India in June 2024?

See, hard water causes many issues such as harm to the skin, and hair.

It also damages the utensils of the kitchen and reduces their life span.

Moreover, it leaves a filthy bad smell in both body and utensils.

Why water softener for taps

See, Water softeners for the bathroom and for the whole house are quite costly. But the story does not end here. After purchase maintenance is also quite expensive.

So, the best and cheap options are compact water softeners for taps. No serviceman is required to handle it. easy to operate and no maintenance.

After a certain period of time, a change in the filter cartridge is needed. That also can be handled by consumers themselves.

Best Water softeners for taps of bathroom and kitchen

After exploring all possible best options for your requirement. We have made following top hard water filter for taps that can be equally used in bathroom and in your beautiful kitchen.

1. Riversoft SF – 15 PRO abs tap filter for hard water (15 Stage)

Physical Features:-

ModelSF – 15 Pro
ColorSteel white
Technology15 stage cartridge purification Process
Capacity40000 litres of water of 6 months
Warranty1 Year


  • Easy installation in tap and shower. No serviceman is required. All Process is given in manual.
  • Odor-free water.
  • Rejuvenates damaged hair, makes soften and smoother
  • Prevent dryness of Skin
  • Perfect for young children and babies with sensitive skin


  • Not suitable for Hard water with very high TDS such as 2000 ppm

2. WaterScience CLEO SFU – 717 Tap Filter

BrandWater Science
ModelCLEO – SFU 717
Technology4 layer filter cartridge
Capacity25000 liters of water or 6 months
Warranty2 Years

Water science CLEO bathroom hard water filter is meant for both tap and shower.

It is a four-layer purification system. It removes, foul odor, physical impurities, hard water salts and prevents bacterial growth.

It also removes chlorine efficiently and washes out hard water salts.


  • Easy to install
  • Remove water odor.
  • Protect Skin or hair
  • Value for money
  • Build Quality is excellent
  • Replacement cartridge and its parts are easily available


  • not suitable for very hard water above 2000 tds level.
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