Best Water softener for washing machine in India for home January 2023

Are you looking, which is the best water softener (purifier) for washing machine in India for Home in January 2023?

See, if you have heard water supply at your home or use borewell water, you must use water softener while you wash your clothes.

What is the need of water softener while washing cloths

We have summed up few causes that would made you think hundred times to purchase a water softener for your washing machine.

Hard water causes high cost washing the clothes

  • Due to the high content of calcium and magnesium metals, detergent unable to formed enough lather as a result, more detergent is required.
  • Washing Machine waste, high amount of water if it is hard water.
  • Hard water causes high corrosion in the parts of the washing machine reducing its life span.

Harmful effects of hard water on clothes.

  • Dingy whites or garments coming out with a grey or yellow hue.
  • Stiff and harsh feel in your fabrics.
  • Soil build up in your clothes.
  • White or grey streaks appearing on your colored and dark garments.
  • Weakened fibers that are easily torn.

All the above negative effects of using hard water with washing machine causes high cost

Our Experts opinion to have water softener for your washing machine

We already have summed up the huge losses you incur if you use your washing machine with hard water.

  • Your washing machine life span is reduced. And if you purchased a premium washing machine for your home. This loss would be much more than the cost of a water softener.
  • Your expensive clothes life span and quality is also damaged. It also a huge loss as compared to the cost of the water softener.

Best water softener for washing machine in India for home

Below are the top best water softener available online. List is prepared on the basis of consumers experience and rating on ecommerce websites.

1. Kent – 1163 Washing Machine Water Softener

Kent is a well known Indian company in water purifier. It has also won number of awards for its innovative products.

As far as water purifiers and softeners are concerned, Kent is a trusted brand.

It has developed a water softener specially for washing machine. Easy installation and operation.

Physical Features

Product NameKent 1163 Water softener for washing Machine
Capacity1.8 Litre
Warranty1 year

Working Process & Technology

It is a non-electric water softener. KENT Washing Machine Water softener employs an efficient ion-exchange process. This process converts hard water into soft water by replacing hard salts of magnesium and calcium with
sodium through high-quality resin beads.


  • Increases the life of your washing Machine
  • Enhances Washing Efficiency – Reduces Water and Detergent Consumption
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Install


  • A little expensive
  • A lot of buyers complaint poor sales service
  • not suitable for whole bathroom due to law capacity.

2. Water Science IRIS WMF-617 Water Softener for Washing Machine

It is the cheap and best Water softener for washing machines with almost all positive reviews by genuine consumers.

Easy to install, very low maintenance with top performance.

Physical Features:-

BrandWater Science
Product NameIRIS WMF-617 Multi-layer Filter
Capacity6 months top-load machine, 9 months front load machine
Warranty1 Year

Working Process & Technology

This water softener uses a cartridge that has to be changed after 6 months for top load and 9 months for front load machine.


  • It improves the life span of the washing machine.
  • It saves your expensive fabric from losing shine from limescale by hard water.
  • By providing clean & soft water improves the overall life of your expensive clothes.
  • Easy to install, no tools required.
  • Long cartridge life.
  • Economical


does not suit for hard water more than 2000 TDS

Eco-Crystal Aqua Merit Water Softener for Washing Machine

Model NumberAqua Merit
TechnologyWater softener for washing machine

This water softener is suitable for dishwashers and Automatic Washing machines.

It effectively removes hardness from water due to calcium and magnesium
that leaves white patches in the water.

It does not remove iron from water thus save detergent and electricity.


  • Removes hardness of water
  • Protect the washing machine from limescale.


It does not suit for very hard water TDS above 2000 PPM

3. Riversoft WF-05 Water softener for Washing Machine

It is also a good product with a lot of positive reviews from consumers. It is also a cheap and best product and would solve your hard water issues while washing your cloth in the washing machine.

Physical Features:-

Model NameWF-05 water softener for washing machine
Capacity6 to 9 months
Warranty6 months

Working Process & Technology

This device uses silicon phosphate to prevent crystal growth from hard water. It removes existing hard deposited carbonate and sulphate scale.


  • Soften the water and protects your washing machine from limescale deposits
  • Extend the life of clothes
  • Easy installation and long life.
  • Cheap and best


  • Does not suit for very hard water with more than 2000 ppm
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