Which is the Best Alkaline water purifier in India for Home December 2022

Are you looking for a cheap and best alkaline water purifier in India for your Home (House) in December 2022?

See, you have two options in the alkaline water filter. One is

  1. Alkaline RO water purifier for Hard water above 500 TDS Level
  2. Alkaline water purifier for Municipal water with below 500 TDS Level.

I am listing some of the best alkaline water filter in both RO and Non RO technology. My list is fool proof tested on the basis of positive reviews, best attractive designs and technology.

What is the need of Alkaline Water Purifier

Most of the human diseases are caused, if acidic level of human body constantly at higher level. Now a days in this fast modern life, we generally eat packed food. These packed food are more rich in chemical preservative than nutrients.

The water we drink is already polluted with harmful chemical release. So every thing today we eat of drink is absolute acidic in nature.

But the irony is, we can not avoid such food and water, as it is what available for the society.

Then, what is the solution? The scientists suggest, we have to consume more alkaline food to balance body acidic level.

The best option is to take balanced alkaline water the whole day. As it is the cheapest option available than alkaline food.

What is Ph level

Ph level is the measurement of the acidic and alkaline levels of anything. Ranging from the human body, food, and water.

The range of the ph level is 0 to 14. 7 is assumed as neutral. from 0 to 7 is acidic and above 7 to 14 is said to be alkaline.

Scientists suggest to keep human body ph level between 7 to 9. It is ideal for the human body to fight diseases.

Best Alkaline RO water purifier in India for Home

There are numerous option available in the market. We are suggesting some of the renowned and best company which you can instantly rely upon.

1. Havells Max Alkaline 7-Litre (RO + UV) Water Purifier

Capacity7 Litre
Special FeatureCorner Wall Mount, Modern Design
Warranty1 Year

This is the best option as far as an Alkaline Water purifier is concerned. Havells is a renowned Indian company.

This company has built goodwill in the market in Electronics Appliances. Believe me, You can trust its products with a blind eye.

Unique features.

  • One of its features its unique modern design.
  • The Best part is. Due to its exclusive design, it can be mounted in any kitchen corner also. It’s a super space saver. isn’t it?

Its Internal Features and Technology:-

  • RO + UV Purification
  • Minerals fortification that provides alkaline & great test water
  • 7 Stage 100% pure water filtration process
  • Minerals technology corrects the pH level
  • Adds natural minerals with trace elements to deliver alkaline water
  • Revitalizer (Magnetized) water enhances water molecules for improved
  • hydration and mineral absorption


  • Attractive modern wall corner hanging design
  • Alkaline + RO + UV with 7 Stage filtration technology
  • 1-year warranty (Water purifier + Installation Kit)
  • 24 Hour Maintenance Service


  • Not Suitable for Water TDS above 2000.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Ritz Alkaline RO water purifier (with Steel Tank)

BrandEureka Forbes
ModelAquaguard Ritz
Capacity5.5 Litre
Special FeatureSteel Water storage tank
Warranty1 Year


  • 8 Stages of Purification Technology
  • Alkaline Booster Technology
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Patented Mineral guard Technology
  • UV e-boiling
  • Taste Adjuster (MTDS)


Not Suitable for water TDS above 2000

2. Havells Pro Alkaline+RO+UV Purified Alkaline Water Purifier

Capacity7 Litre
Special FeatureCorner Wall Mount, Modern Design
Warranty1 Year

If your home color theme is white. This model of Havells would create a wow cool in your kitchen.

This model also can be mounted at the corner wall of the kitchen.

Following are its External Features.

  • Colour – Dual Tone White and Beige
  • Brand – Havells
  • Power Source – Electric
  • Capacity – 7 liters
  • Model Name – Pro Alkaline

Lets sum-up its technology

  • 6 Stages of RO + UV purification
  • Delivers Alkaline water with pH 8 to 10
  • Features Space-saving design that can be mounted in a corner of a wall
  • iprotect purification monitoring cuts off water
  • Consumer-friendly alerts for self-diagnostic, purification process,
  • tank full, low water pressure, error alerts for UV, SV and pump failure


  • Attractive modern wall corner hanging design
  • Alkaline + RO + UV with 6 Stage filtration technology
  • 1-year warranty (Water purifier + Installation Kit)
  • 24 Hour Maintenance Service


  • Good for only water above 200 TDS and borewell tap water
  • A little expensive
  • for every liter of water 650 liters is wastage.

3. Kent Supreme Extra Alkaline+RO+UV water purifier

ModelSupreme Extra
Capacity8 Litre
TechnologyRO+UV+UF+Alkaline+TDS Controller
Special FeatureZero Water Wastage Technology
Warranty1 Year Warranty + 3 Year Free extended service

Kent is one of the leading water purifier company in India. The design of this filter is also quite good. It can also be wall-mounted and tabletop.

The best feature of Kent Supreme Extra purifier is, it uses zero wastage water purification technique. Yes you hae hear it write. No water would be wastage in purification process.

Note:- The best feature of this water purifier is its zero water wastage technology. In this technology, no water is wasted in the purification process as other RO purifiers do.

This is achieved by re-circulating the reject water to overhead tank using the existing water booster pump.

Let’s sum-up its technology:-

  • Multiple Purification by RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS
  • It removes impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, fluorides, kills bacteria, viruses
  • UV LED water tank keeps purified water for a longer duration.
  • The Alkaline feature maintains the pH level of water between 8.5-9.5.
  • Zero Water Wastage which ensures that no drop of water is wasted
  • during the purification process.
  • No Chinese product pure Indian Brand.
  • The TDS control system maintains essential natural minerals in drinking water.
  • Suitable for brackish/tap water/municipal water supply.
  • High purification capacity of 20 liters per hour.


  • 4 years free service (1 year warranty + 3 years extended service)
  • No wastage water technology. No water wastage in purification process.
  • Most Certified $ Awarded
  • Multiple Purification Process RO + UV + UF + TDS Control + Alkaline
  • Wall Mounted & Table Top
  • 20 Liter per Hour Water Purification capacity.


  1. Not Suitable for water TDS above 2000

Havells Gracia Alkaline RO water purifier

ModelGracia Alkaline
Capacity6.5 litre
Special FeatureHot+Warm+Ambient water, Child safety lock
Warranty1 Year


  • Hot, warm and Ambient Dispensing options
  • Touch Dispensing with LED color temperature
  • Child safety lock
  • Revitalizer which improves hyderation and water absorbtion


  • Not suitable for water TDS above 2000

Faber FWP Neutron RO Alkaline Water purifier

ModelFWP Neutron
Capacity10 Litre
TechnologyRO+UV+UF+Alkaline+Copper Guard+Ph Enhencer
Special FeatureAlkaline + Active Copper technology, large capacity
Warranty1 Year Warranty


High Storage Capacity 10 litre

Free External Sediment Pre Filter

Smart Energy saving mode, Automatically turns off power once water tank is full


  • Not suitable for water TDS above 2000

4. Blue Star Eleanor Alkaline Water Purifier

BrandBlue Star
Capacity8 Litre
TechnologyRO+UV+UF+IBT+Alkaline+Activated Copper
Special FeatureActivated copper with Alkaline Technology
Warranty1 Year Warranty

Blue Star is also a prominent water purifier company. It has a good name and Indian consumer trust it.

This Model offers a triple layer water purification protection with RO + UV + UF.

Technology Used:-

  • Alkaline Antioxidant Water with added minerals
  • Aqua Mineral Infuser (AMI) is a cartridge that adds minerals like
  • calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals.
  • Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) uses Calcite media which enhances the taste
  • and maintain the optimum pH level of water.
  • Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon removes smell, odor and
  • volatile organic compounds from water.


  • Capacity 8 Litres at law price
  • Alkaline + RO + UV + UF + Mineral + Test Enhancer.


  • Average Design
  • High Maintenance
  • Water wastage.

Havells Digi Touch RO Alkaline Water purifier

ModelDigi Touch
Capacity6 Litre
Special FeatureModern Design, Double UV purification
Warranty1 Year Warranty


  • 7 Stages filteration
  • Delivers 8+ pH level of water
  • Double UV Purificatoin
  • Revitalizer
  • Germicidal UV C at optimum wave length of 253.7nm irradiation


  • Not suitable for water TDS above 2000

Blue Star Opulus RO Alkaline Water purifier

BrandBlue Star
Capacity8 Litre
Special FeatureImmune Boost Technology
Warranty1 Year Warranty


  • High Purification Capacity
  • Tank full indicator
  • uv fail alert

Immuno Boost Technology (IBT) provides Alkaline antioxidant water


Not suitable for water TDS above 2000

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