Best water softener for the whole House in India in July 2022

Confused, Which is the Best Water softener for the whole house, or apartment in India in July 2022.

See, if you are looking for the best water softener for your overhead tank apartment, first insure whether your supply is hard water.

If your supply is from the city MCD corporation department and with a TDS level of less than 300 PPM. You don’t need a water softener.

However, you may need a simple Non-RO Water filter for an overhead tank to remove dust and other suspended particle.

Harmfull effects of Hard water in Your whole house

See, Not only is hard water harmful to your inner health. It also severely affects your skin and hair.

  1. It dry your skin
  2. it causes hair fall

Apart from your health, It damages Kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories.

  1. Hard water leaves white yellowish layer on kitchen utensils
  2. Utensils life span reduces
  3. Kitchen and Bathroom water taps get corrodes
  4. Bathroom and kitchen sink get yellowish

Why you need a Water softener for whole house

See, the supply for the whole house is always from the overhead tank. The same water reaches to kitchen and bathroom taps and sink.

Thus the best solution to get rid of the hard water to fit a water softener direct to the overhead tank.

This whole house water softener will soften the overhead tank water and each part of your house will get soft water.

It will benefit you in the following way.

  1. You will get soft water to take bath. It will save your skin and hair.
  2. You will be getting soft water to wash utensils and Clothes.
  3. The sink, cistern, letrin seat will not be yellowish
  4. The Kitchen and Bathroom Steel taps will not corrode

Best Water softener for whole house for home and apartment in India

Following is the list of best water softeners for overhead tank available for home in India in January 2022

Kent Auto Soft Water Softener for Whole House

ModelAuto Soft
Capacity25 Litre
TechnologyWater Softener
PurposeSoften Hard water into Soft Water
Warranty1 Year Warranty


  • Soften the Hard water by replacing hard salfts of magnesium and calcium with sodium
  • Fully automatic microprocessor
  • High capacity operation as regeneration can be done any number of times
  • Resin for long life and efficient ion-exchange process Maintenance-free, long-life valve
  • Space Saving Design-Resin tank housed with brine tank
  • 1 Year Product Warranty


  • It is only the water softener not the purifier. The water can only be used for bathing, washing and cleaning.

Note:- If you are looking a water purifier for Hard water. You have to purchase an Efficient RO Water Purifier

Aquasana 10,00,000 Gallon Whole house water softener

Ionix Duo water softener for the whole house

WaterScience water softener for whole house

Balson Junior Pro Water softener for hard water for Whole house

iSpring WGB32BM 3 Stage Water softener for hard water for Whole house

iSpring WGB22B 2 Stage Water Softener for Whole house

IONIX Treo Tank water softener for Whole house

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