[?] Is Copper RO Worth Buying? 3 Experts Advice

Considering purchasing a RO water purifier for your Home.

Heard about a Copper RO.

But Confused, Is Copper RO worth buying or just a marketing tactic?

Your confusion is unavoidable.

In today’s information explosion web, all are free to express their positive and negative opinion.

What you are looking for is a scientific argument that can convince you.

Let’s Discuss this.

Is Copper RO Worth Buying?

My answer is yes if you do not have time to maintain the copper vessels.

Let me point out a few reasons

Reason – 1

The copper vessels need to be cleaned on regular basis. As it reacts with humid air and leaves a green layer.

This green layer stops the leaching of pure copper into the water.

And in this Busy schedule, Maintaining copper vessels is next to impossible.

Reason – 2

The copper vessels are not fit for cooking. You also need Stainless Steel vessels in the kitchen.

It increases an extra load and creates storage problems.

Reason – 3 and Most Promising

If a RO water purifier is necessary for you.

Let me inform you

The RO water purifier also removes essential minerals from it during the purification process.

However, such water is disease free. But it does not fulfill the body’s requirement for essential minerals.

The fitted copper cartridge again enriched purified water with essential minerals along with copper ions.

It is one of the innovative technology that has become a part of modern living.

Believe it or not

Thus, Why not have copper water purifier?


If you really need a RO water purifier. Why don’t you go with the additional features such as a Copper and Mineral cartridge?

RO Membrane also removes essential minerals during the purification process.

The copper and Mineral cartridge again enriched it with essential minerals such as copper, calcium, and magnesium.

Yes, you can buy a Copper RO water purifier.

A copper RO water purifier is far better than a normal one.

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