Is too much copper in water bad for you?

it’s obvious, everything that is excess to what required is harmful for human health. If you overeat, it also negatively effect overall well being too.

Your question is. Is too much copper in water bad for you?

It think your dilemma is different. whether taking water from copper bottle daily leads to too much copper into the body?

Ok lets explore it with evidence

Is too much copper in water bad for you

Have you ever read and listen to any case of excessive copper that leads to health problems in medical history? I don’t know about your finding but I have never.

Yes, I listened many cases of copper and Zinc deficiency but never heard of copper poisioning.

Only copper and its alloy vessels were in kitchen in older time

See, If you are using copper only to store water is good. But for cooking purpose it is not good. Because copper is highly reactive with citric foods.

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Never store pickels, juice, milk in copper vessels as it forms a green color material that contain high amount of copper.

However, this material is not poisonous but contain high amount of copper.

Thus, for using copper vessel for cooking, it is linen from tin metal from inside.


The question is, high copper in water is harmful.

The conclusion is, If you are using copper to store water, it is good. copper vessels does not litches high amount of copper into the water even if it is stored for 3 to 4 days.

However, a stored water for too long in any metal pot is not good.

Using copper vessel for cooking purpose is not good as it reacts with citric food. If you want to use first line it with tin from inside.

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