[#] How to use Copper water Bottle first time

If you have just purchased a copper water bottle. You may want to know how to use it in the correct way to maximize its health benefits.

The most asked question is, how to use a copper water bottle the first time after purchase.

See, there is no such hard and fast rule to use. Even if I would share some tips you can follow initially.

How to use Copper water bottle for first time

According to modern research, copper takes a minimum of 8 hours to leach sufficient copper into the water. So the best way is to fill a copper water bottle at 10 pm and take this water in the morning empty stomach.

However, it is best to keep pure copper water from a reputable brand from India itself. Take water out of this copper bottle for the whole day.

This way you would get much benefited. In the older days, only copper vessels were used for storing the water. copper and its alloy were the only metals being used in the kitchen.

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Copper is the most essential metal required for the human body and the biggest source is copper ion-charged water. The water is charged with copper ions when it is kept in good-quality copper vessels.


1 Keep water in copper vessels for 8 hours at night and take it in the morning empty stomach.

2 you can also keep a copper water bottle always with you and refill it when water is consumed.

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