Can copper bottle be kept in fridge?

As copper bottles are the new recommendation for this modern generation. Every one wants to be confirmed with all advantage and disadvantage of using copper vessels.

One doubt is. Can copper bottle be kept in fridge or not? Can we keep copper bottle in fridge?

As far as my experience is concerned, yes you can. Because I keep my bottle in fridge occasionally whenever summer gets worst.

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Lets Explore in detail

Can Copper bottle be kept in fridge

I don’t know what people writing on internet. I am sharing my own experience. I kept copper water bottle for 7 days in a go.

Drink water out of it. I didn’t felt any harm in it.

several studies suggest, copper vessels does not leach excessive copper into water kept for 4 to 5 days even when kept in fridge.

However keeping water stored in any material steel, copper, mud and plastic are always harmful for too long.

If you store water in mud pot for long, germs and bacteria automatically develop into it.

But, It is advisable by Ayurveda to take water at room temperature. Regular intake of cold water is quite harmful whether kept in steel, copper or plastic bottle in fridge.

However, it is better to use copper and steel bottle in fridge than plastic.

Plastic leaches into water when water kept in it for long and it is absolute harmful to take.

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