Can We Drink Copper Water Whole Day

Looking to change your water vessels to copper one. But confuse, can we drink copper water for whole day or not? Is there any side effects of it?

See, You might have read and listened to a lot of negative thoughts about using copper vessels for water. such as, keeping water in copper vessels can lead to copper toxicity.

These bull shits are not at all true.

Lets explore to an answer.

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Can we Drink copper water whole day?

Yes, without any doubt you can store water in copper vessels for the whole day or even drink out of it. Let’s discuss over it, before steel and aluminum, what vessels our ancestors used.

That was copper and copper alloy (Brass). These two metals were only available as kitchen utensils.

Now, what do you think, where water used to be stored. It was the copper vessels and water remained there even for for more than 2 days.

Have you ever, heard about any life style disease and heavy metal intake issue? No not at all.

So, these are just rumours fabricated by market traders to make steel and aluminium superior than copper.

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