How many days we can store water in copper vessel

started using copper water bottle and now curious. How many days we can store water in copper vessel?

See, such doubts are obvious as suggest to use copper vessels to store water is new for this generation. But I don’t know whether you aware or not.

Our ancestors were only having the copper vessels to store the water for whole year. They used to store water in copper and its alloy for whole day or more.

But how long should we keep water in it.

Let’s explore in detail.

How many days we can store water in a copper vessel

This is scientifically proven, copper vessels does not leach excessive amount of copper into the water. It is in the limit what a human body required.

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However, according to ayurveda, a copper bottle kept filled with water overnight (8 hr) is a enough time for a copper charge water.

if you keep the water for even 7 days it is safe.

However, if you keep water for a long time in any vessels made of plastic, steel, aluminium and even in mud pot, is not good.

It is advisable to change it with fresh water.

what is the science? The argument is in a stegnant water bacteria and germs started to flourish, even it is a mud pot.

But as far as the copper vessels is concerned, it destroy the harmful bacteria and germs that already present in water and keep the water safe and clean for longer period of time.

The facts is, around all kinds of water storage vessels. Copper vessels are more safe among them.

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