Can we keep hot water in copper bottle?

There is a lot of doubts once you start to use a copper bottle to store water. One burning question we came across is. Can we keep hot water in the copper bottle or not?

See, the doubt is spontaneous, as steel aluminum and plastic traders have been trying their best to abuse copper as the worst metal to use in kitchen.

Conspiracy still going on in 21st century and whole internet is full of misinformation.

If you keep hot water in a vessels how long it would remain hot in it. Just for maximum 2 hour. Am i wrong?

So within 2 hour water gets toxic with copper as vessels leaches too much copper due to hot water! It’s not true.

Lets search for a practical answer of it.

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Can we keep hot water in copper bottle?

Before advent of steel and aluminum which metal were used to heat the water and cook the food. Think over it.

Yes this was the copper and its alloy. In older times when our ancestors needed to heat water what metal vessels they used to use.

This was the copper and its alloy brass (Pital = copper + zink).

The fact is copper had been the only metal used in the kitchen to keep and heat water until steel and aluminum came into fashion.

Copper have been being used for thousands of year as cooking vessels.

So now its clear and cut, you can keep hot water in copper bottle without any hesitation.

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