[#] Can we store RO water in copper vessel?

Are you planning to use copper vessel to store water? Confuse whether can we store RO water in copper vessel or not?

I understand your confusion is right as copper vessel are a new experience for this generation. It might be you have heard and read so much negative about copper vessels you are a bit confuse.

See, as far as I remember in my childhood. I only notice copper and pital utensils in my kitchen. Steel and aluminium later come into fasion.

My mother used to store water only in copper vessels. Brass (Pital) utensils were used for the cooking purposes.

For thousands of years our older had been drinking water stored in copper vessels and there was no life style disease at all.

Ayurveda also says when kapha, vatta and pitta are imbalanced a human gets sick.

These three dosha gets disturbed when we eat wrong food or use wrong utensils in kitchen.

Have you ever heared doctor saying you body is deficient of aluminium and steel? No not at all.

Do you know brass is made up of Copper and Zink? Both metals are vital to strengthen our Immune system.

How we get these metal in our body? Have you ever ponder over it.

These are kitchen’s copper and Brass utensils where we store water and cook food.

I hove you have got the idea.

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Can we store RO water in copper vessel?

Yes, you can, there is only and only benefits and no harm at all. Once you RO purifies the water, you can store it in a copper vessel.

copper vessel leaches a good amount of copper ion into the water and kill harmful bacteria.

Rather water is further purifies by storing it in copper vessels.

However I have written a long article on copper water bottle benefits in detail.

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