Can we drink water in copper vessel daily?

Have you recently heard about copper water is good for your health? want to explore more and know about whether can we drink water in copper vessel daily or not?

I understand your concern.

Suggestion to use copper vessels to store water is quite obvious confusing when plastic and steal are in fashion.

Business tycoons are expending huge sum of money on advertisement to convince you to use plastic, steal and aluminium in your kitchen.

Yes, This Generation believes it. There is a proverb, It a lie is told thousands time it become truth.

21st Century young generation still not able to digest the truth. Yes ask your grand pa, what kind of metal vessels they used to use to store water.

Rather, if I disclose there is no steel and plastic material even exist at the time. Believe me, only & only copper and its alloys were used in the kitchen.

You may find a lot of online material that suggest copper as a kitchen vessels is not good.

When they were encountered, derived a new term storing water in copper vessels leaches excessive copper into it and it is poisonous.

In this article I would address few question such as

  1. Is it safe to drink water in a copper bottle daily?
  2. Does storing water in a copper bottle for a long time results in excessive copper

Can we drink water in copper vessel daily?

Yes, absolutely there is no harm rather it is good for health. In ancient time, only copper vessels were used to store water for all the time.

The best way to take copper water is.

Keep a full copper jug of water for whole night and take it early in the morning when you wake up empty stomach.

I have explained copper water bottle benefits in detail in previous article you can read it. I have given a link below

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Does storing water in a copper bottle for a long time results in excessive copper

Let me assure you, copper leaches safe amounts of copper ions into the water. which has strong antibacterial and alkalizing properties that improve the digestion process.

The copper leached into the water overnight (8 hour) amounts to 0.475 ppm (parts per million).

This amount is well within the water copper content limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO) – which is 2 ppm (or 2 mg per liter).

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Thus with fare calculation, 3 days old copper water is quite safe to drink, I mean according to WHO.

But our Indian Ayurveda does not believe so. Even a one month old copper vessel water is much more good for health.

copper vessel does not leach copper into water even if kept for long time. However the test of water change a little due to copper.

This test is good for your gut. Believe me.

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