[?] Is Copper Water Purifier good for health – 3 Expert Advice

Considering purchasing a Copper water purifier.

But have a doubt, Is Copper water purifier good for health or just a marketing gimmick?

See, your state of confusion is acceptable.

As, in this info explosion era, each has expressed his free opinion on the internet.

Let’s open the debate with facts.

Is Copper RO water good for Health?

The answer is Yes, Copper RO water is charged with pure copper ions and enriched with other essential minerals such as Calcium, magnesium, etc.

It is achieved by a copper and mineral cartridge. After a complete purification cycle, water is passed through a copper and mineral cartridge.

Having a copper water purifier is justified in today’s era.

I have given many arguments below.

Valid Reasons to have a Copper water purifier for Home

1st – Argument

Can you avoid a water purifier at your home?

No, Not at all, Water bodies are extremely polluted due to industrialisation.

You must have had a one. Whether it is RO water filter or Non RO

Than why not to add an additional copper cartridge into it.

Have a valid point right?

2nd – Argument

The copper water has numerous health benefits as per ayurveda.

There were used to be only copper vessels to store water until stainless steel replaced those.

These, vessels are manufacutred by locals.

But as you know in this currupt era, there is know gurantee the copper vessels are 100% pure.

other toxic metals are mixed into it for cost cutting.

Thus you can not trust copper vessels now-a-days.

3rd Argument

Second, the copper vessels need to be cleaned on regular basis. As it reacts with humid air and leaves green layer.

This green layer stops leaching of pure copper into the water.

And in this Busy schedule, Maintaining copper vessles is next to impossible.

4th Argument

The copper vessels are not fit for cooking. You also need Stainless Steel vessels in kitchen.

It increases an extra load and creates storage problems.

5th Argument and Most Promising

The RO water purifier also removes essential minerals out of it during purification process.

However, such water is disease free. But it does not fulfil the body requirement of essential minerals.

The fitted copper cartridge again enriched purified water with essential minerals along with copper ions.

It is one of the innovative technology that has become the part of modern living.

Belive it or not

Thus, Why not have copper water purifier?

How Copper water purifier works

Copper technology in water purifier is a new innovation.

It serves traditional practices with modern technology for community health.

The RO water purifier consists of many cartridges.

A copper cartridge consists of copper granuals along with other essential minerals is fitted at 7 stage

After complete purification, the water is forced to passed through this copper cartridge slowly.

Such water is afresh with again enriched with essential minerals increases the immunity of human body.

Benefits of Copper water purifier in brief

Now Lets discuss some of the benefits of copper enriched water in short.

Copper is one of the vital minerals required by the human body.

It reduces the acids and maintain the Ph value.

The copper has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial property.

As per ayurveda, it balances the three main doshas of the body.

  1. Kapha
  2. Vata
  3. Pitta

Imbalances of these three dosha is the main cause of the diseases.

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Boosts Metabolism:-

Copper enriched water boosts metabolism that help the body to burn calories fast.

As per chris change, a lead resercher from University of California, copper is required for breaking down fat cells.

Brokendown fat cells can be used for energy generation fast.

2 litres of Copper charged RO water can meet up approximately 30% of the RDA for Copper as per Indian Council of Medical Research, ICMR

Improves Digestive System:-

Copper charged water is anti-inflmmatory and anti-baterial.

It killed harmful bacteria and stopped stomach inflammation thus improves

Proper Digestion of food provides sufficient nutrients for body cells.

It increases human body capacity to fight diseases.

Keeps your heart healthy and Control Hypertension:-

Copper water smoothens the blood vessels thus controls the high blood pressure.

Copper is essential for heart musceles that stregethen it.

Control Thryoid:-

The lack of Copper is the main cause of thyroid problems. Taking

copper charged water controls the thyroid problems immedieately.

Stimuates Brain and its function:-

Belive it or not, Copper is the brain food. It improves the functioning of neurons.

Improved brain functioning results in overall body health.

Is Copper water purifier good for Health (Conclusion)

Yes, Copper water purifier is the need of the hour. It automatically enriched water with copper ions.

No need of maintaing copper vessels in kitchen.

Copper cartridge also contain other minerals substance such as zinc, magnesium, potassium etc.

Copper RO water purifier cleans the copper cartridge itself in intervals. Thus Provides alwas fresh 100% copper and mineral riched water always.

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