Best copper water filter with candle in India in (January 2022)

Looking for traditional best copper water filter with candle in January 2022. Yes few vendors are still trying to keep survive traditional water filter where ceramic candle are used to filter the water.

This is the purest form of water filter with the traditional techniques where ceramic candles (made of clay that has been backed) are used to filter the water.

Note:- These kind of water filter are not appropriate for hard water (खारा पानी). You can use this to further purify your MCD fresh water.

It will purify your MCD line water no matter how much impurities it contains. I myself using it and would 100% recommend it to every kitchen without any doubt.

Lets see what are the option available

Inbuilt Double Filter Hammered Copper Water Pot Tank 12 Ltr with two Ceramic Candle

Copper water filter with Ceramic Candle 12 Ltr

Product General Information:-

Company NameIndian Art Villa
MaterialPure Hammered Copper
Size (Volume)12 Ltr
Weight3470 Gram


  • The best part is both filter and tank container are of pure copper.
  • Filter technique is pure traditional where ceramic candles are used which are 100% free from toxic chemicals.
  • No maintenance charges at all. Just change candles after 4 to 5 months. 2 ceramic candles only cost around 200 to 250 rs.
  • The Capacity of the storage tank 12 L is quite enough for 4 to 6 Members family.
  • Does not need much space to put in the kitchen.


  • Can not filter Hard water
  • The purification process a little slow as ceramic candles take time to filter because it is a natural process.
  • Ceramic Candle has to be cleaned from time to time (within 15 days for a better and fast purification process)

Things to note before buying any Copper vessels

Frequently asked Question and solution

1. Copper Changes Color

Copper changes color due to its natural property to oxidize when it comes in contact with air and water. There is no relation between oxidization and copper not being pure.

it is the property of pure copper to get oxidized.

2. Difficult to open/close lid and makes noise while closing

The lid gets jammed due to oxidization. It is recommended to clean the lid and threads regularly. This will keep the threads smooth and avoid noise or problems in opening and closing the lid.

3. Green Black layer inside

Oxidization is a natural process in which copper forms a green/black layer on its surface. Oxidation occurs due to copper’s exposure to air and water. So don’t afraid of this green layer. It is a natural phenomenon.

Solutions of the above problems

In order to avoid the above issue, clean copper vessels once a week with lemon salt mixture. This will maintain the luster of copper and your copper bottle will look as good as new.

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