Which type of water purifier is best for Municipal water? 3rd is Recommended

Confused, which type of water purifier is best for Municipal water?

See, Each city has its own civic body called Municipality.

The Jal Board Department of Municipality is responsible to provide pure water to the public.

As per BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), Each citizen has the right to have drinkable water.

As per norms, the water is first sourced by the Municipality from rivers, ponds, dams, and through the borewell.

The government has set up an advanced water purifier plant in each municipality as per the requirement.

The raw water is purified in a water treatment plant in Three Steps

First, all suspended particles are removed.

In the second stage, all soluble harmful metals and excessive minerals are removed through chemical processes such as coagulation and flocculation.

In the third stage, water is filtered through an advanced water filter.

All pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and algae are removed.

At last in order to maintain the ph level water is passed through the mineral bed.

Thus the water of the Municipality is drinkable without further purification.

But wait.

This water is pure till it is in the reservoir of the Municipalities.

The water travels through a long distance in underground water pipelines.

The pathogens developed on the wall of pipelines are traveled through the water to your home.

The dust particles are mixed in the water through micro leakages in water pipelines.

Sometimes major leakages in water pipelines make the situation worse.

Thus what is the solution?

The Solution is, you need a water purifier, but which one?

Let’s discuss

Which type of water purifier is best for municipal water

Let’s first understand the type of water purifier available in the Market.

There are 4 Types of water purifiers.

  1. RO + UV Water Purifier
  2. NF + UV Water Purifier
  3. UV + UF Water Purifier
  4. Gravity-Based Water Purifier

Following are the statistics to choose one for your home.

RO + UV water purifier is meant for Hard water.

You even don’t need an NF + UV Water Purifier as it is meant for moderately hard water.

You need is either only a UV + UF Water Purifier or a Gravity water purifier as per your requirement.

Let’s first talk about the

What is UV + UF water purifier

It consists of many filter cartridges.

Sediment Filter:- It removes the suspended large particles

Carbon Filter:- It removes excessive chlorine and bad odour.

Ultrafiltration:- It removes all small particles and pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and algae.

Ultraviolet Bulb:- It inactive all pathogens developed in the water storage tank.

What is a Gravity Water Purifier

the only difference between gravity and UV + UF water purifier is the UV (ultraviolet bulb).

Thus it does not require electricity

You can use the below criteria to choose one.

FeaturesUV + UFGravity
TDS50 to 350 PPMbelow 150 PPM
UV bulbYesNO
ElectricityRequiredNot Required
Cost5000 to 10000below 5000
Annual Maintenance 2000 to 40000below 2000

You can explore the best UV + UF and Gravity water purifiers from the below link.

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