What is E-Boiling in Water Purifier

Does, E-boiling in a water purifier really boil the water?

You might have come across the term e-boiling in water purifiers.

It seems with the term, that some electric device is used to boil the water inside the water purifier.

Let me inform you it is not so.

The E-boiling term is first used by Eureka Forbes company in their Aquaguard water purifiers range.

Let me explain in detail.

What is E-boiling in water purifier

E-boiling in water purifiers refers to UV purification.

The water is passed through a UV cartridge equipped with UV (Ultraviolet) bulb.

It releases ultraviolet light that attacks the DNA of pathogens and makes them inactive.

It disables their ability to reproduce and ability to attack human cells.

The water purifier treated with UV technology is as safe as boiling water for 20 minutes.

Thus it is named as E-boiling technology.

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