[?] Which is the no 1 water purifier in India [April 2024]

The burning question always is, which is the number 1 water purifier in India for a home in April 2024?

See, the answer to this question is not straight.

It entirely depends on your requirement.

If you really want to make a wise buying decision.

You must first have to understand the relationship between your water quality and the available water purifier.

Don’t worry, allow me to simplify it.

See there are, following types of water resources.

  1. Hard water
  2. Municipal Water
  3. River Water

Water Quality vs types of water purifier required

Types of WaterTypes of Water PurifierBuying Links
Hard WaterOnly RO water purifierRO Water purifiers
Municipal Water (TSD below 300)1. UV + UF water purifier
2. Gravity water purifier
UV + UF water purifiers
Gravity based water purifiers
River Water Only RO water purifier
Nowadays all chemical wastes and city garbage is dumped into rivers.
RO water purifiers

If you want to know why you consider your purchase in this order. Keep reading my buying guide.

What is Hard Water

Hard water is generally salty water that also may contain hazardous other heavy metals such as fluoride, arsenic, potassium, and magnesium

Such water is absolutely hazardous for health. Drinking it in long run causes cancer.

How to know water is Hard Water

Such water is salty in taste. If it contains other heavy metals such as fluoride and arsenic it becomes a little bitter.

the TDS of such water is always above 500 PPM.

So it is best to test your water with a TDS meter first.

Buy Here:- Best TDS Meter for testing water for Home

See, the TDS meter only read the quantity of dissolved materials in the water. It does not recognize what is dissolved in it.

To know exactly what is in the water. go your nearby laboratory to get tested it.

Sources of Hard Water

The general sources of hard water are,

  1. borewell water
  2. well water
  3. Tubewell water
  4. Water tanker supplier

Mainly the water that is directly extracted from the earth is the hard water.

Which water purifier is best for hard water

See, there is no alternative. You must buy the best RO water purifier for it.

Only RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology can remove heavy metals.

Which is the Best RO water purifier for Hard and river water in India

Following are the top RO water purifier you can purchase.

Kent Supreme 202 (11111) RO water purifier

Blue Star Aristo RO water purifier

Best Water Purifier for city municipal water

the municipal water is already purified in the water treatment plant of Jal Board.

But still, you need a purifier for it.

While traveling through the pipeline, human wastage and other suspended particles get mixed into it.

In a few cases, pathogens are also present in old water pipelines.

In this case, you don’t need a RO water purifier. Only a UV + UF or gravity-based water purifier is enough for it.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV + UF + e boiling Active copper water purifier

AO Smith X2 UV + UF Water purifier

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