Best Ro water purifier with less water wastage (January 2023)

Confused, which is the Best RO water purifier with less water wastage available in India in January 2023.

Don’t worry there are a few models available of the RO water purifier of the top brand that offers technology with less water wastage.

Which is the RO water purifier with no water wastage

We have listed top models with less water wastage in RO Technology available on E-commerce websites.

1. Kent RO water purifier with no Water Wastage

Kent Supreme plus model number 2020 (11112) comes with no water wastage technology.

In this technology, a water pump recirculates rejected water to the overhead tank for the second round purification process and this process keeps going on.

In this whole process, no water is wastage.

It comes with 7 stage purification process.

  1. sediment water filter
  2. Carbon water filter
  3. Ro filter
  4. TDs controller
  5. UV filter
  6. UV led bult in water tank to stop reproduction of pethogens

HUL Puriet ECo Water saver Ro Water purifier

AS per the claim of Hindustan Unilever, it is the highest water-saving RO water.

It saves up to 80 glasses of water daily compared to other ordinary RO.

It comes with 7 stage purification process.

  1. PP Melt BLown
  2. Sediment filter
  3. Pre Carbon filter
  4. Micro filter
  5. RO membrane
  6. TDS controller
  7. Post-RO Carbon Filter

Best Feature:- 7 stage purification + Water-saving + 10 litre of large tank

BrandHUL Pureit
Model NameEco – Water Saver
CapacityBig 10 Litre
TechnologyRO + UV + UF
Purification process7 Stage Purificatio Process
Warranty1 Year + Free Installation

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