[#] Best water purifier for Cuttack city municipal water [June 2024]

Confused, What is the best water purifier for Cuttack city for a municipal water user in June 2024?

Don’t worry we have explained the water quality and required water purifier for Cuttack city municipal water.

What is the water source of Cuttack City?

The city municipality acquires most of the water from Mahanadi and city water ponds.

If the requirement of water is not fulfilled the borewell water may also be used.

The water from all sources is first purified at the water treatment plant of Cuttack city municipality.

Generally, the water after treatment in the water plant is suitable for drinking purposes.

Which water purifier is best for Cuttack municipality water

See, however, water is drinkable until it is in the reservoir of the Cuttack municipality Jal board.

But, the drinkable water travels to the underground water pipeline until it reaches to your kitchen tap.

Due to the micro leakages in the underground pipelines. The water gets contaminated with

  1. dust Particles,
  2. human waste and
  3. Pathogens (Viruses and Bacteria)
  4. Chlorine
  5. Bad Odour

In order to remove all the above impurities, you only need a UV+UF water purifier.

Note:- Don’t use RO water purifier for cuttack municipal water. AS RO are only used for Hard water. If you are directly using river or borewell water for drinking. You must use an RO water purifier to make such water drinkable.

UV+UF water purifier consits of following filter cartridge

There are following cartridge filter are in it.

Sediment Water filter

A sediment Water filter removes dust and heavy material suspended in water.

Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon filter removes pesticides, toxic chemicals like chlorine, removes water smells.

Ultra or Micro Filtration

UF make up of thin layer of material which is removes suspended micro solids, bacteria, viruses,

UF is enough capable of further purifying MCD water if any impurities are mixed in it while traveling through corporations’ pipelines.

Ultraviolet Filtration

Ultraviolet filtration involves an ultraviolet bulb that is fitted in the water tank of the water purifier where are is stored after the purification process.

It releases ultraviolet rays that kill waterborne microorganisms and prevent their reproduction by disrupting their DNA.

You might have seen, in still water micro-organisms reproduce themselves by themselves.

UV rays do not let pathogens, bacteria and viruses reproduce in the water tanks.

Best UV+UF Water purifier for Cuttack Municipal Water supply

Following is the list

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV+UF Active copper water purifier

BrandEureka Forbes
ModelAura UV + UF Active Copper water purifier
Capacity7 Litre
TechnologyUV + UF 6 stage purification process
Special FeatureMineral Guard + Active Copper Technology+ Zinc Booser
PortabilityTable Top/Wall mount
warranty1 Year


  • In-built Active Copper Technology charges water with copper which is good for health.
  • UV e-boiling technology boils water for 20 minutes and kills pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Ultra Filteration removes all viruses, pathogens, and bad smells from water.
  • UV kills bacteria and stops reproductions of micro-organisms in the water tank.


  • Only Suitable for Municipal water TDS levels up to 200 t250 ppm.
  • Does not suit the river, borewell, and well water.

Kent Ultra Storage UV + UF water purifier

Capacity7 Litre
TechnologyUV + UF
PortabilityWall mount
warranty1 Year


  • Indian Brand
  • 60 liters per hour purification capacity.
  • High 8 liter storage capacity
  • suitable for purification of tap/municipal/corporation water supply


  • Only Suitable for Municipal water TDS levels up to 200 t250 ppm.
  • Does not suit the river, borewell, and well water.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel NXT UV+UF water purifier

BrandEureka Forbes
ModelMarvel Nxt
Capacity6.2 Litre
Special FeaturesPatented Active Copper & Zinc Booster, UV e-boiling
Warranty1 Year


  • 5 stages of purification with high water storage capacity
  • Active copper + Zinc Booster technology
  • UV e-boiling technology boils the water for 20 minutes to make it safe
  • UF+UF technology removes sediment, odor and pathogens (Bacteria & viruses)
  • suitable for municipal/corporation water


  • Not suitable for Hard water

AO Smith X2 UV + UF water purifier

BrandAO Smith
ModelX-Series UV+Ultra Filteration Water Purifiers
Capacity5 Litre
TechnologyUV + UF 5 stage purification process
PortabilityTable Top/Wall mount
warranty1 Year


  • Strong UV bulb that kills all pathogens
  • 5 Stage purification process
  • Sleek and Compact Design
  • Advance digital Display


  • Only suitable for supply water TDS below 200 PPM

Aquagurad Delight NXT UV+UF water purifier for TDS below 200

BrandEureka Forbes
ModelAquagurad Delight NXT
Capacity6 Litre
Special FeaturesUV e-boiling, Wall Mount & Counter Top
Warranty1 Year Warranty


  • Best Suitable for Municipal water tds below 200 PPM
  • UV e-boiling: Delivers water that is as safe and pure as water boiled for over 20 minutes
  • Flexible installation: The purifier can be easily wall mounted or ketp on the counter top
  • LED indication alerts when tank is full, service is due and cartridges need replacement.
  • Purified stored water can be dispensed even without electricity


  • Not suitable for hard water

HUL Pureit UV+UF G-2 water purifier

ModelUV G2
Capacity4 Litre
TechnologyUV + UF 4 stage filter
PortabilityTable Top/Wall mount
warranty1 Year

Note:- 4.5 Rating included in Best Seller list of Amazon


  • Powerful 11 watt UV lamp that killed all pathogens
  • Compact, Sleek and Covered design
  • Occupied less space
  • can remove 1 crore viruses and 10 crore bacteria in every litre of water.
  • free installation
  • Advance alert system
  • Fully Automatic
  • NO AMC required
  • Low cost of maintenance


Only Suitable for water TDS below 200 PPM

Havells Fab Non-RO (UV+UF) Water purifier

Capacity7 Litre
InstallationWall Mount
TechnologyUV + UF
Purification ProcessSediment Filter + Micro Filter + Carbon Filter + UV Filter
Warranty1 Year Warranty + 1 Year Free Service


  • Absolute safety with Double Purification through UF and UV
  • 5 Stages with storage tank, revitalizer with smart alerts
  • Patented corner/wall Mounting
  • Hygiene assured: Hygiene flow controller with a quarter turn and zero-touch dispensing
  • Transparent removable tank


  • Not Suitable for hard water

Aquaguard Marvel UV+UF Water Purifier

BrandEureka Forbes
Capacity8 Litre
InstallationTable Top + Wall Mount
TechnologyUV + UF
Purification ProcessSediment Filter + Micro Filter + Carbon Filter + UV Filter
Warranty1 Year Warranty + 1 Year Free Service


  • UV e-boiling technology that boils water for 20 minutes
  • Free installation
  • Active Copper technology
  • Mineral Guard Technology


  • Not suitable for Hard water
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