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We are an Indian Based Company. We deal in traditional home kitchen appliances. In Ancient India, we used to have copper, brass and clay appliances in home and kitchen to eat and cook.

But Now a days all these have been replaced by plastic, aluminum and other kind of man made material. Such material are harmful to human health.

You can see around us, each day we listen a new incurable diseases. Plastic and other man made material are the only cause of such killing diseases.

So we have come up with Copper water Bottle, but we have designed these to give modern touch.

We hope you would like our collection. And it is our best advise not use plastic bottle, rather opt for copper water bottle for daily use.

A few words about

Our team

We as a team determine to revive our Indian Ancient Practice of using Copper vessels for drinking water. That’s for we come up with designer copper water bottle that suit our young generation Modern behaviour.

Gaurav Pathak

Founder - CEO

Anurag Pathak

Managing Director

Anshita Tiwari

Digital Marketing Head


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digital printed copper water bottle with attractive design


100% Pure Designer Copper Bottle​

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100% Pure Designer Copper Bottle​

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100% Pure Designer Copper Bottle​

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