Ultimate Treadmill Buying guide for Home in India July 2022

Looking for a treadmill for your home in July 2022. But confused, what features should you look for in a treadmill as per your requirement and budget.

See, you can buy a treadmill in India ranging from ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 1,00,000.

As a mature buyer, you may know that cheaper comes with fewer features and shortfalls, and vice-versa.

Thus you must list your requirements before you make buying decisions.

How to buy a best treadmill –

I have answered some burning questions. It is just the warm-up session before buying.

Later, in this article, I will discuss all the specifications as per buyer requirements in detail.

1. Space to keep Treadmill at Home

Yes, the very first thing to consider. Where you are going to put your treadmill.

The treadmill occupies a good space.

If you have a space problem you may consider a foldable treadmill or Desk Treadmill.

Foldable treadmills horizontal portion can be folded and you can place it at any corner of your home.

In this case, you should also consider the treadmill with the wheel too.

A different type of treadmill is in the market that is named Desk Treadmill.

Such treadmills only have running horizontal portions and can be slid under the bed.

Most of the Treadmills are approximately 7 feet long and 3 feet wide.

2. Purpose of Treadmill Running, Walking, and Jogging:-

If you need a treadmill only for walking for example, for senior citizens. A budget treadmill will do the work.

But if you need it for running you have to stick with a mid-range or higher range treadmill for durability.

Let’s discuss some figures.

A treadmill with a 22-inch wide belt is ideal for runners and joggers. For runners, a 58 to 60-inch long track size is a must.

If you are 6 feet and looking for a treadmill for running. You may go with a 63-inch long track size treadmill too.

On the other hand, if you like to take a normal and brisk walk. you can go with a 20-inch belt treadmill. Here you can cut the cost by purchasing a 55-inch long track size treadmill too.

for walkers, 55 to 58-inch long track size treadmill is enough. Don’t waste your money in buying a more sophisticated one.

3. Height of the person:-

If your height is 5.9 feet to 6 feet. You need a treadmill with at least a 60 to 63-inch track size.

Such a treadmill will easily accommodate your stride while walking and running.

But if you are short in height say 5.7 feet and lower. You can go with a treadmill 55 inches to 58 for a normal and brisk walk.

For running you can go up to 58 to 60 inches.

4. Weight of the person

Most of the treadmills can support user weight up to 100 to 150 kilograms.

But as per users’ experiences, Budget treadmills are good up to 90 kilograms.

If your weight is more than that, go with the mid-range treadmill.

See, the weight of the user directly affects the motor life span.

5. Budget

If you need a treadmill for your home.

You have two options.

Budget Treadmill:- However such treadmills are in buyers’ budget. But as you know cheaper products come with few shortfalls.

For example, in a cheap treadmill, you may experience noisy belts, wobbly frames, flickering data screens, and small workout areas.

you should also look for a warranty, many budget treadmill comes with only 90 days warranty period.

In short, budget treadmills are only good for occasional jogs and normal walks.

But if you are going to use the treadmill ruff and tuff. Boss, go with mid-range.

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However, there are brands that offer good products on the budget also.

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Mid Range:- Such treadmills are best for your home in terms of durability.

These are also equipped with extra features such as a large display screen, powerful motors, large workout areas, preset workout programs, steeper power inclines.

6. Treadmill workout session:-

See, you are considering buying a treadmill for work out.

It may be just a casual walk only in the morning for a few minutes, jogging, or an intense workout.

You have to look for the specification of a treadmill beforehand.

for example, if you want one, only for a casual walk daily for a few minutes.

Go with only a budget treadmill no need to waste your money on a costlier one.

But you are serious about working out ruff and tuff. Look for mid-range as per the below specifications.

A look on the Specification of a treadmill

following are the specifications of a treadmill you look into.

1. Motor Power

A treadmill motor powers its track. Most of the Motor in the treadmill comes in continuous horsepower (CHS) or horsepower (HS).

you should look for CHS as it measures, what continuous power a motor can release to track size.

For 90 kilograms weight

walking – 2.0 CHS

Jogging – 2.5 CHS

Running – 3.0 CHS

Above 90 Kilograms Weight.

If you are more than 90 kilograms add 0.5 CHS to 1 CHS as per your requirements.

2. Track Size

See, the track size is very very important as per your height and workout requirements.

Generally, if you need a treadmill just for a casual walk. You can go with as low as 55-inch long track too.

But if you are a runner, at least go with a 58 to 60-inch long track as it can occupy your long stride well.

If your height is around 5.10 to 6 inches. Ideally, go with 60 inches to 63-inch long track size for all purposes.

4. Track Belt Quality

A track Belt is a very important component of a treadmill. consider three things, its thickness, lubrication, and metal rollers.


A two-ply or four-ply thick track belt is best as it is durable and releases less noise.

Many budget treadmill comes with 1 ply track belt. So be cautious about it.


The track belt is moved around the track by an electric motor. Thus it needs good lubrication for smoother functioning.

However, most of the treadmill comes with a maintenance-free track infused with silicon and other lubricants.

Metal Rollers:-

Metal rollers propel a track.

Therefore, rollers with larger diameters exert less pressure on the motor, thus extending its lifespan.

For home treadmills, a roller diameter of about 2.5-feet should be adequate.

5. Track Speed

Most of the treadmill comes with 10mph that is enough for most walkers.

But if you are a frequent runner and want to take a long stride. Go with 12mph higher top speeds treadmills.

6. Preset programs

Most of the home treadmill comes with Pre-set workout programs.

That includes normal light exercise to intense running exercise to lose weight.

What you have to do, just choose a pre-set program. It periodically changes the track speed and inclination of the track.

If you are interested in such features. consider it before buying.

7. Incline feature

Although most of the treadmill comes with incline features wherein running track can be inclined up to 20%.

This inclination features may be manual or motorized as per treadmill.

This feature is good if you are a fitness freak.

Running on an Incline track reduces stress on knee joints, increases endurance, and helps in gaining more muscles.

8. warranty

As it is an electronic product. You must check different warranties that come along with it.

You look for Motor, Frame, parts, and after-sales services warranty

Motor:- It is one of the important parts of a treadmill. A treadmill must provide a lifetime warranty on the motor. But many brands provide 2 to 25 years warranty over it.

Frame Parts:- Most of the treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the frames.

Parts:- Most of the brands provide a 1-year warranty on the part of the treadmill. But few reliable brands offer 5 years warranty.

After-sales services:- See, this is a very important aspect you look for. Whether service charges are free and if free for how many years.

9. Weight Capacity

Most of the treadmills can endure 90 to 150 kilograms.

But as a standard, If your weight is 90 to 100 kilograms and looking for a treadmill only for a casual walk.

You can go with the budget treadmill.

However, if your weight is 120 to 150 kilograms. Please go with a mid-range sturdy treadmill.

10. Storage and Portability

Most of the treadmill comes with foldable features. Its running track can be folded.

Foldable features can be manual or motorized as per the price.

Many, the treadmill comes with a wheel also.

You also can go with a Desk treadmill. Such treadmills only have a running track portion and can be slid under the bed too.

11. Extra Features

There are other features alos you can look for

  • Bottle holders
  • console fans
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • auto stop
  • LCD Screens
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