Best water purifier for baby November, 2022

Confused, which is the best water purifier for baby (children) for home in India in November, 2022

AO Smith Z5 RO water purifier for Hard Water

Special Features:- Alkaline + SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology). 100% Baby safe water with 8 Stage Purification Process.

BrandAO Smith
ColorBlack & White
Capacity5 Litre
TechnologyRO+UV+UF+SCMT(Silver Charged Membrane Technology)
Purification MethodSediment Filter + Carbon Filter + Micro Filter
RO + UV filter + SCMT
InstallationTable Top + Wall Mount
Warranty1 Year


Baby Safe water with 8 stages of Purification technology

Suitable for mixed sources of water Municipal, tanker, borewell

Double protection of 100% RO+SCMT

Retains natural taste with essential minerals with alkaline Min-Tech (Ph of 7-8.5)

Digital Display


  • Not suitable for water TDS above 2000

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