Best Alkaline Water bottle filter in India for Home, Travel Gym January 2023

Confused, Which is the best Hydrogen Alkaline Water bottle for home, travel, Yoga, Fitness Gym in India January 2023.

I have listed all top-selling portable alkaline water bottle filters that you can carry while traveling, office and outdoor.

The portable alkaline water can also be kept at home while watching tv, studying, gardening, while sitting in balcony.

1. Bepure Alkaline Water bottle

BePURE is a known brand in water purification solutions. This Alkaline water bottle purifier uses alkabeads cartridge that enriches the water with essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals.

It balanced the pH level of water between 8 to 9.5.

It comes with a free bottle pouch. The cartridge used can be easily replaced once exhausted.

2. Hi-Tech Hydrogen AA Alkaline Water Bottle

This Hi-Tech Water bottle makes Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water instantly.

Pour Purified water into the bottle keep it for 5 minutes your alkaline water is ready.

This bottle uses Korean renowned Bio-Ceramic Technology where Ceramic Balls are used.

It creates Anti-Oxidant Alkaline water that is rich in essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and Potassium.

The capacity of this bottle 500 ml. portable easy to carry in travel.

Made from food-grade AS & ABS materials comes with a silicon grip, protective lock.

3. Tathastu Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle

Model NumberAlkaline filter bottle
Capacity650 ML
TechnologyNatural Alkaline Filter
Warranty6 Months

Tathastu water bottle is made up of tritan material and uses alkaline filter cartridge.

It comes in various colors. the Capacity of this bottle is 650 ML lightweight and leakproof.

Normal water is transformed in superior filtered alkaline water with a 9+ pH level.

4. H2AA Hydrogen Alakline Water bottle (500 ml)

H2AAA water bottle comes with glass material and Alakline filter cartridge.

It enriches water with minerals and convert it into Alkaline water.

It is made of Borosilicate Glass.

5. Sure Alkaline Water Bottle

Model NumberAlkaline Water Bottle
Material UsedBPA free Plastic
Capacity1100 ml
Purification TechnologyAlkaline Cartridge

The special design of this bottle makes it easy to hold with a firm grip.

This is the best Alkaline water bottle filter for GYM, travel, and office.

Its ergonomic design makes sipper bottle tough and lightweight.

The capacity of this bottle is 1 liter. It maintains the water pH level between 7.5 to 8.5.

6. Keva Tritan Alkaline Water Bottle

Model NumberAlkaline water bottle filter
Material UsedBPA Free Plastic
Capacity700 ml
Purification TechnologyAlkaline filter Cartridge
WarrantyNot Mentioned

This Alkaline water filter bottle is made of high quality material.

It comes with safety lock and made up of BPA free plastic material.

It uses Alkaline filter cartridge and maintain water pH level between 7.5 – 8.5.

It can be used at home, office, traval and gym.

7. MELD Wellness always Alkaline Hydrogen Water Stick

Model NumberAlkaline Hydrogen water stick
Material usedPlastic
Capacity1 litre
Purification TechnologyAlkaline Hydrogen water stick
Warranty6-month warranty

It is very interesting product. It is a alkaline Hydrogen water filter in the form of a stick and can be fitted in any bottle.

8. IMC Alkaline & Anti Bacterial Bottle (600ml) – PH 8.5-9.5

Model NumberAlkaline Water bottle
Material usedBPA free Plastic
Capacity1 liter
Purification TechnologyAlkaline cartridge
WarrantyNot Mentioned
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